Benefits and Cost of Living

Gainesville is an extremely affordable place for residents to live due to the low rent and competitive salary. There is also no state income tax in Florida. As a result, more than half of residents choose to buy homes during their stay in Gainesville.


Median home prices of homes that sold are $285,000 according to As a result of the large graduate student and young professional population, it is also easy to find affordable apartments that are free from undergraduates. Many of these apartment buildings are located within walking or biking distance of the hospital.

2022-2023 Salary

PGY-1: $58,064.00

PGY-2: $60,007.00

PGY-3: $62,065.00

For the most up-to-date salary information, please visit UF Housestaff Stipends


As part of your compensation package, health insurance for all residents is provided. All spouses and dependents are also included in this plan for which the annual premium is paid by the College of Medicine. The benefits package also includes both malpractice, life, and disability insurance. Dental and vision insurance are not included, but can be added along with additional life and disability coverage.


Lunch is provided by the program at noon conference every weekday except Thursday. We also provide points on your badge for you to buy food and can be used at any of the dining options in the hospital. We also have milk, juice, soft drinks, crackers, and cereal available 24 hours a day in the housestaff lounge for those in need of an early morning or late night snack.


Moonlighting is available for PGY-2 and PGY-3 residents who are in good standing. This can be done only at UF Health/Shands.


On campus parking is available for housestaff and is located adjacent to Shands UF North Tower and the Medical Plaza clinic building.

Other Benefits

  • Vacation: All housestaff receive three weeks of vacation each year. It occurs in a single two week block, and a single one week block.
  • American College of Physicians (ACP): Annual membership to the ACP is paid for by the Department.
  • Uniforms: White, full-length, monogrammed labcoats are provided for all interns and residents free of charge.
  • On-Call Rooms: Individual on-call rooms are located immediately adjacent to the medicine services at both hospitals. Each call room includes private bathroom and shower facilities.
  • Educational Fund: All categorical residents are given the MKSAP 19 Complete Internal Medicine Core Curriculum during their PGY-2 year.

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