Unique Components of the Primary Care Track

  • Participation in general internal medicine innovation and leadership initiatives
  • Bimonthly primary care conferences
  • Development of quality improvement and general medicine scholarly projects
  • Opportunity to serve as clinic preceptor to junior colleagues
  • Involvement in global health seminars, healthcare advocacy & health policy initiatives, and/or high value care curriculum
  • Biannual primary care interest group/social events
  • Enhanced mentorship and career counseling in general medicine
  • Participation in the Society of General Internal Medicine annual meeting and/or Florida Chapter American College of Physicians regional meeting
  • Practicing with and learning from an established group of seasoned general internal medicine/primary care clinician educators

To learn more about the amazing career of general medicine and primary care medicine, please visit the “Proud to be GIM” campaign by the Society of General Internal Medicine http://www.sgim.org/career-center/proudtobegim

Proud to Be GIM
Proud to be GIM