Unique Components of the Global Health Track

  • On-site didactics in Gainesville, Florida include:
    • Global Health Morning Reports
      • Sessions include case-based presentations and morning report group discussions
    • Local/Global Health Seminar Series
      • Guest lecturers from various experts in their field address important topics in Global Health
  • Opportunities to participate in global health scholarly activities
  • Enhanced mentorship and career counseling in global health medicine
  • Research opportunities in non-communicable diseases, infectious disease, and cancer awareness, prevention, screening, and treatment

Requirements of Global Health Track Residents

  • Participate in global health-centered scholarly activity with the goal of presenting at the annual Consortium of Universities in Global Health conference (http://www.cugh.org)
  • Attend global health morning reports with attendance of ≥ 50%
  • Present two-three global health morning reports in PGY-2 and PGY-3 year.
  • During PGY-2 year, attend at least a 2-week ultrasound rotation and at least a 2-week infectious disease rotation
  • Participate in mobile clinic during ambulatory rotation months