Global Health Track Training Sites

UF Medicine Residency Global Health/Health Equity Track residents will gain their global medicine experience in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. This location offers unique experiences in delivering medicine to impoverished communities.  Port-au-Prince is Haiti’s capital city that has the population of almost 3 million people within the metropolitan area.  Many of the occupants of Port-au-Prince are in extreme need for care.  UF’s partnering hospitals, Hospital Bernard Mevs and St. Luke’s Hospital, are a few sites able to care for the underserved and wealthy alike.  Hospital Bernard Mevs is the primary trauma hospital in Port-au-Prince and provides one of the city’s only intensive care units for both trauma and medicine patients.  St. Luke’s Hospital has a large medical-surgical unit as well as houses our in-country NGO partner’s, Innovating Health International, Womens Cancer Program that focuses on cervical and breast cancer prevention, screening, and treatment.  St. Luke’s Hospital Cancer Center is one of the few facilities in the country that offers chemotherapy.


Residents can spend a month in Haiti working two weeks in Port-au-Prince and two weeks in the rural central highlands. Although residents are accompanied by UF faculty on each trip they will be integrated into the existing Haitian health system and learn from their Haitian counterparts through Project Medishare. As specialty training option for Haitian physicians are limited, residents are expected to help to educate the physicians on up to date practices in the US during their stay, while the Haitian physicians provide education for residents on tropical medicine, infectious diseases, and how to function as a physician with limited resources. In addition to research on tuberculosis at UFs own 1,500 sq foot biosafety lab, there are projects which are evaluating genetic characteristics and treatment of breast cancer in Haiti as there is little to no data on evaluation and treatment of breast cancer outside of industrialized countries.