Curriculum and Structure

The overall structure of our Clinician Educator Track is as follows:

University of Florida Internal Medicine Resident Clinician Educator Track

The Clinician Educator Track will have longitudinal mentoring and graduated responsibility over PGY1-PGY3.  Completion of a capstone scholarship and dissemination of that scholarship will be an important required metric for certificate of distinction as a Clinician Educator at the end of PGY3 year.

Longitudinal Requirements

  • Completion of the RAST (Resident as Teacher certificate (10 sessions before December of PGY3 year, one is completed intern year). This will constitute the didactics for the program.
  • Completion of a capstone scholarship project and dissemination of that project.
  • Completion of individual PGY2 and PGY3 requirements.
  • Two debriefing sessions/retreats per year for all Clinical Educator track residents.

PGY2 Requirements

  • Three teaching sessions that may be done during ambulatory and elective time
  • Identify a mentor to help with capstone project and education portfolio. A list of approved mentors will be made available.
  • Solidify scholarship design, implementation, and timeline to complete capstone project.
  • Present one education-focused journal article at morning report

PGY3 Requirements

  • Participate in at least one of the following:
    • Present Medicine Grand Rounds Great Cases; this will be peer-reviewed
    • Participate in UFCOM Internal Medicine Interest Group
    • Assist in UFCOM Internship 101 (with permission from COM)
  • Complete Education Portfolio (peer review evaluations will show progression as an educator)
  • Complete Capstone Medical Education Scholarship project and submit as abstract, poster, or presentation at regional or national meeting (example: SGEA, ACP)
  • Submit Capstone project for publication
  • Present Capstone project at Medicine Grand Rounds (10-15 mins, peer-reviewed)
  • Three teaching sessions: one required teaching session in ambulatory clinic for PGY1 (either primary care clinic or a subspecialty clinic); two additional sessions of resident choice.
  • Present one medical education-focused journal article at morning report


  • If requirements are met, resident will achieve a Certificate of Distinction as Resident Clinician Educator as well as the certificate from the RAST (Resident as Teacher) Program.