PIP: Performance Improvement Project

To Categorical Interns and Residents and their clinic preceptors,
(click for quarterly handout- either through UF computer or logged into VPN)
This continuity clinic performance improvement project fulfills the following ACGME rule: “Each resident’s longitudinal continuity experience must include evaluation of performance data for each resident’s continuity panel of patients relating to both chronic disease management and preventive health care. Residents must receive faculty guidance for developing a data based action plan and evaluate this plan at least twice a year”
Details: Every quarter, each resident will choose five patients they have seen in clinic. Residents should involve their clinic attending on patient selection. Ideally chose patient you have seen that day or the week prior. The resident will complete the PIP Patient Worksheet on each patient.  After completing the worksheet for 5 patients, complete the PIP Summary Questions to reflect on your performance (click link above from UF computer). You must review the PIP Summary Questions with your continuity clinic attending. After reviewing it together, email me (cstalvey@ufl.edu) a copy of the PIP Summary Questions and “cc” your continuity clinic attending. I must receive the PIP Summary Questions by the due date at 11:59pm. By “cc”ing your attending you are acknowledging that you reviewed it with them.
Where do I get the worksheet?
The PIP Patient Worksheets is attached to the original email and is available on the medicine intranet under “PIP”.  After you have reviewed the worksheets and PIP Summary Page with your attending, give Vicki Shearin the worksheets to be placed in your Evaluation Portfolio. Remember to send the PIP Summary Questions to Dr. Stalvey. 
Deadline:  The project will be due quarterly:  Sept 30th, Dec 31st, March 30th, June 30th at 11:59pm. Interns will be excused from the September of their first year. Third years will be excused from June of their third year.  If it is not completed on time (which includes having discussed with faculty) the resident will lose Shands Money for the next quarter. To restart receiving money, the resident must catch up and complete the next one on time. You will not receive money missed while the project was delinquent. Being on vacation/MICU/nights is not an excuse for lateness.