Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee was developed in effort to increase the recruitment and retention of minority residents and faculty. It will serve to develop innovative ways to revamp the interview and selection process, to introduce changes to our curriculum including formal teaching on health disparities, and to continue to create a diverse teaching and learning environment. 

We encourage you to join us and become a champion for diversity, equity and inclusion!

Statistics about our Residents: Gender: Males-67 (58%), Females-48 (42%); Race: Asian (including Middle Eastern)-52 (45%), White-50 (43%), Hispanic/Latino-11 (10%), Black/African American-2 (2%)

Mission Statement: To strategically integrate initiatives for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion into the Internal Medicine Residency Program at UF Health (UFH). To create a safe space for having crucial conversations, to broaden the curriculum to include formal teaching on the history and impact of health disparities, to establish a unique liaison between the Office of Health Care Excellence, Community and Belonging and the Internal Medicine (IM) Residency Program, and to enhance the recruitment of residents from underrepresented backgrounds who will add value and talent to our program.

Recent changes:

  1. Recognizing and celebrating holidays from multiple cultures
  2. Diversity survey of our current residents to learn about background, holidays celebrated, languages spoken, etc.
  3. Cultural food festival at our noon conference potluck style to celebrate different cultures through sharing food
  4. Celebrating Black History Month with historical references to important black figures in medicine