Internal Medicine Residency with Strong Showing at Annual UF Celebration of Research

The University of Florida Department of Medicine Celebration of Research was held on October 8th, 2015.

Top awards for Outstanding Research Projects were awarded for two projects:

  • Robert Gibson PGY3, Kristopher Kline PGY3 and Garret Ruth PGY2 for their project entitled “A change in cryoballoon ablation technique leads to elimination of persistent phrenic nerve injury following atrial fibrillation ablation“ with principal investigator Matthew McKillop from Division of Cardiovascular Medicine.
  • Ali Abbas PGY3 and Tony Brar PGY1 for their project entitled “The Role of Early Endoscopic Evaluation in Decreasing Morbidity and Mortality in Caustic Ingestion, A Nationwide Database Analysis” with principal investigator David Estores from Division of Gastroenterology

Other housestaff from Internal Medicine also presented unique case reports and research projects:

  • Haneen Mohammad PGY3, “Incidence and natural history of cardiovascular toxicity associated with biologic agents used in hematologic malignancies”
  • Kristopher Kline PGY3, “Patient and provider opinions about the appropriateness of myocardial profusion imaging: Comparison to published Appropriate Use Criteria”
  • Amy Sheer PGY1, “When the perpetrator is a victim: Reconceptualizing juvenile delinquents based on their history of adverse experiences”
  • Yaseen Perbtani PGY3, ”Impact of pore-operative endoscopic ultrasound in diagnoses of cystic lesions of the pancreas”
  • Ahmed Mahmoud PGY3, “Therapeutic hypothermia versus normothermia/mild hypothermia for management of out of hospital cardiac arrest: a meta-analysis and trial sequential analysis of randomized control trials”
  • Jonathon Lambird PGY2, ”Root cause anaylsis of late and missing labs on inpatient teaching teams”
  • Alexander Bolanos PGY3, “Improved recording of complications from cardiac catheterization procedures”
  • Eric Hilgenfeldt PGY3, “A true case of heartburn”
  • Joshua Kramer PGY3, “Reducing erroneous findings of anterior wall infarction represented by poor R wave progression on ECG due to lead mal-position”
  • Mohini Pathria PGY2, “A case of hereditary angioedema: Implications of management in the outpatient setting”
  • Michael Riverso PGY3, “Predicting disease related complications and adverse outcomes in patients with crohn’s disease”
  • Eric Hilgenfeldt PGY3, “An uncommon case of jaundice”
  • Kenji Kaye PGY3, “Afternoon discharge huddles to increase early discharges”

Congrats to all!

UF Celebration of Research_Kristopher KlineUF Celebration of Research_Haneen MohammadUF Celebration of Research_Tony Brar