VA Information and Security Training!!

ALL RESIDENTS need to ensure they have completed the training as below!! ASAP!
To complete the training, please have these trainees complete the on-line Mandatory Training for Trainees (MTT) and print a course completion certificate.  The Rules of Behavior certificate is signed by the trainee (electronically) within the MTT.  These certificates are to be kept by the primary service that the trainee is assigned to. For Residents and Fellows – this is to be the assigned service at the VA.  For UF COM students, this is the Medicine Service Administrative Office – Ms. Carol Hong. 
If the MTT is not completed by March 19, the trainee’s access to the VA computer system will be deactivated by March 23, 2012.  
The link for the course is accessible from any computer with internet access.
Below is the link to the course  (takes~ 15-20 minutes)
The following residents are locked out until training is completed:
Dolganiuc, Angela
Ismail, Baha
Azzalin, Alice
Samra, Yasser
Schmit, Jessica
Alsaleh, Anas
Elmufdi, Firas
Khaliq, Asma
McCoy, Austin
Norkina, Oxana
Obesso, Dan
Pepper, Tori
Santos, Napoleon
Tassin, Hillary