HIPAA 2012

Annual HIPAA Training for 2012 is due now for all faculty, residents, fellows and staff.  If you have already completed your HIPAA training since Dec. 1, 2011 through the myUFL e-learning system, you are in compliance for this year – you do NOT need to repeat the training.  If you completed the training through the old Privacy Office website, it will not count – you will need to complete the training in myUFL’s e-learning system.
          Please complete only one of the training modules – not both!!  If you’re involved in human-subject research in any way, you should complete the HIPAA – Research module.  If you are not involved in research, complete the HIPAA General Awareness module.  (If you’re not sure, you’re better off with HIPAA – Research as it combines both training modules.)
          Also complete another Confidentiality Statement at this time – go to: http://privacy.health.ufl.edu/confidential/index.shtml  and follow the brief instructions.
The deadline for completing this annual training and statement renewal is Feb. 29, 2012.
To use the e-learning system in myUFL:
  1. You must enroll in the training first:  Log in to myUFL and click on Main Menu > My Self Service > Training & Development > Request Training Enrollment.  Click on either Search by Course Name (and enter HIPAA – be sure to spell it correctly!) or Search by Course Number (and enter prv).  Choose HIPAA General Awareness or HIPAA Research depending on your status requirements and enroll in one online session.
  2. After enrolling, follow the URL link to complete the training.  Read and follow all instructions. Do not close the training window until you see the instruction to do so.
  3. Pay close attention at the end of the module to get through the testing and to display your certificate. 
  4. Your completion certificate is available at the end of the training.  However, once you close the certificate window, you will not be able to retrieve the certificate later.  Print and/or save the certificate while it is on the screen!
  5. Your training with a new expiration date will display in your Training Summary (myUFL) the next day after completion.  Training completion is also listed under “Certificates” on your Training Summary page; however, no “certificate” is available from that site.
  6. Failure to complete the training by 2/29/12 will result in disciplinary action.
Other Notes:
  1. If you have any technical problems with the e-learning system, please contact:
(Ms.) Jamie Cooke
Compliance Training Administrator
Training & Organizational Development
Phone: (352) 273-1762
  1. Individual email reminder notices will begin on Jan. 31 for the majority of individuals who have not completed the training.  These emails are based on participation in the e-learning system last year, so not everyone will receive them, even if they have not completed the training.  
  2.  Departments are ultimately responsible for assuring that all faculty, residents, fellows and employees are notified of the training due date, how to access the training, and for follow-up until the training is completed.
  3. Staff members who are responsible for tracking the completion of HIPAA training for their department can access reports through Enterprise Reporting.  Reports generally run about 3-4 days behind.  Staff must have the roles of UF_ER_USER and UF_ER_HRPR_WORKFORCE  to access these reports.  Go to Enterprise Reporting > Access Reporting > Human Resources Information > Training and Organizational Development > then choose from the options for reports: by department, by employee, etc.