Instructions for Completing SAFER Training:
1)      Log into NI
2)      On the Home Page in the section titled “Department Notices” select SLEEP ALERTNESS AND FATIGUE EDUCATION
-Instructions are on screen after step 2.
3)      A new window will open prompting you login with your GatorLink username and password
4)      Select #1 Sleep Alertness and Fatigue Education
5)      View the video (PC or Mac version)
6)      Take the assessment (Anyone scoring less than 80% on the assessment should be asked to retake the course.)
**If you are unable to login to New Innovations, please contact Sony Kuruppacherry (
** If you do not have a GatorLink account or do not have you login information, please refer to the following link:
**If you are unable to log into the training session using the appropriate GatorLink username and password, please e-mail Jan van der Aa with your UF ID: